Apple Cider Vinegar Amongst Best Natural Antibiotics a.k.a. the Old Grandmas’ Remedy

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is renowned for its diverse applications, including its recent recognition as a natural antibiotic effective against bacterial infections. Supported by historical usage dating back to Hippocrates and recent scientific studies, ACV’s antimicrobial properties are gaining prominence in modern medicine as a potential alternative to conventional antibiotics, especially for resistant infections.


Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has long been celebrated for its versatile uses, ranging from culinary delights to household remedies. Recently, it has gained attention as one of the best natural antibiotics, offering a promising alternative in the fight against bacterial infections.

Historical Use of ACV

Historically, ACV has been a staple in traditional medicine. Its use dates back to the time of Hippocrates, who used it for wound cleaning. The combination of ACV with honey, known as ‘Oxymel,’ has been documented for its medicinal properties, particularly in treating infections and protecting open wounds.

Scientific Evidence Supporting ACV’s Antimicrobial Properties

Recent scientific studies have reinforced the belief in ACV’s antimicrobial prowess. Research published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information highlights ACV’s effectiveness against pathogens like E. coli, S. aureus, and C. albicans. Notably, ACV has shown the ability to downregulate cytokine and microbial protein expression, crucial in combating infections.

ACV in Modern Medicine

In modern medical practices, ACV’s potential is being explored further. Its efficacy in treating infections, especially those resistant to conventional antibiotics, is a subject of increasing interest. ACV’s natural composition and minimal side effects make it a compelling alternative to traditional antibiotics.

How to Use ACV Safely and Effectively

For effective use, ACV should be diluted appropriately. Studies suggest varying concentrations for different pathogens, with a general recommendation of a 5% acetic acid concentration for antimicrobial activity. And this is exactly what we did at Porhy Foodtech. We mixed it with other organic superfood ingredients to bring a mix of amazing benefits and the result is a delicious healthy drink! That’s how Potions were born after many many trials and fine-tuning tests.


In conclusion, Apple Cider Vinegar stands out as a potent natural antibiotic. Its historical background, supported by modern scientific research, underscores its potential in treating various infections. As we continue to battle antibiotic resistance, ACV offers a glimmer of hope as a natural, effective alternative.


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