Ginger Turmeric Potion

Embrace the essence of french organic ginger and turmeric: a fusion of flavours for well-being. Our ginger, known for its vibrant gingerol, harmonizes with turmeric’s curcumin to offer a refreshing journey of taste and vitality.


French spring water, apple cider vinegar* (5%), apple juice concentrate*, lemon juice* (4%), French ginger infusion* (water, ginger* (origin: France), lemon juice*), ginger extract, turmeric extract. *from organic farming

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Kickstart Your Day with Gingerrific Boost!

Relish the vibrant zing of our French organic ginger! This key ingredient, known for its exhilarating flavour, enriches our drink with vitality. Sourced from France's fertile lands, our ginger adds more than taste – it's a step towards an invigorated day. Discover the subtle, spirited essence of ginger in our unique blends.
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Golden Wellness in a Shot

Savor the deep, exotic flavours of turmeric! This ancient, revered spice, infused in our drinks, offers a tapestry of taste that speaks of its rich heritage. Experience a hint of the extraordinary, as turmeric brings a touch of the exotic to our unique Potions. Embrace the warmth and vibrancy of this celebrated spice in our delightful fusions.
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Purity in Every Drop, Innovation in Every Sip

Imagine the purest pristine water from Cognac's limestone springs, naturally infused with calcium through ancient filtration. Its purity makes it an essential component for our innovative drinks. We chose this unspoiled water for our beverages because of its unparalleled purity, enhancing the quality and health benefits of our products. This commitment to using high-quality ingredients reflects our dedication to offering our customers the best in health and wellness.
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Squeeze the Best of Health with Lemons!

Discover the zest of our organic Mediterranean lemons in every sip. These vibrant fruits, central to our drink, offer more than just tangy flavour. Each lemon is a natural marvel, bringing a touch of Mediterranean sun and a whisper of its amazing health benefits. Embrace this zesty, refreshing journey to well-being with every can!
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Tangy Path to Terrific Health!

Experience the essence of French organic apples from Normandy in our delightful blend. These apples, a core ingredient in our energizing Potions, offer more than just their renowned crisp and refreshing taste. Sourced from the lush orchards of Normandy, they add a touch of harmony to life's balance. Enjoy the natural charm and subtle hints of wellness in every sip of our carefully crafted drinks.
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Add extra to your ordinary

The essential content of every Porhy product comes from nature’s finest inventions.

Natural French spring water

Enjoy the pristine water from Cognac's limestone springs, naturally infused with calcium through ancient filtration.

Juicy organic apples

From the orchard to your table, enjoy the crispness of organic apples in every drop of our artisanal cider vinegar, carefully crafted from the finest organic apples from Normandy, France

Fresh Organic Lemons

Indulge in the refreshing taste of Mediterranean sunshine with every sip of our zesty lemon juice, freshly squeezed from premium fruits for a deliciously healthy kick.

Transformative taste

Experience the transformative power of nature’s own medicine with our flavourful offerings, unlocking your body’s full potential and helping you live your best life.